MOON Collective is a group of innovative creatives & storytellers whose passion anchors on an insatiable curiosity for human nature. We believe that the processes of exploration & collaboration inclusively lead to both the unlearning & learning of our contexts, necessary for growth. Our goal is to study & challenge our past & our presents, using storytelling as a tool through which both the process & the end product guide us through becoming not necessarily better, but further. This website is a journal of our furthering.

The idea for MOON Collective originated in 2017 when Jesús López Vargas & Merle DeWitt III came to the realization that the best way to create performance-based storytelling was through intimate collaboration between varying perspectives & experiences. In 2018, Jesús & Merle teamed up with Athziri Morales & Brandon Ray Alba to initiate what would eventually become MOON Collective - a group of unlike-minded artists. Divergent ideas shared between artists of dissimilar experiences are what guides our processes, each one of us challenging the other every step of the way, creating projects and telling stories beyond one's understanding.

Ever since 2018, our collective of artists, technicians, producers, developers & educators continues to grow. Every experience and every collaboration leading us to more doors opened. From performers and movement directors, to music composers and graphic designers, every member of the team has a say through each step of the way in all of our projects, moving away from the power-centric methods of classic western theater. In many ways, each of our projects has multiple directors, exercising the ideal that each team member is their own leader. We have proven time and time again that our method of collaboration works and presents itself as a more fulfilling work environment for all involved.

In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our group decided to shift our efforts from mainly live-performance work to include projects based off video and digital media, which has led us to further explorations and innovations. MOON Collective is not really a film company, and neither are we a theater company... we simply love telling stories, the formats and methods used in each project truly adapting to the story itself. Each of us evolving along with your projects and research.

Starting 2021 - following the release of When We Watch in October - MOON Collective will start taking applications from artists around the world who might be interested in collaborating with our family. We will also start taking pitches from independent artists or fellow artistic groups who might be eager to develop and/or produce stories with us. Please come back soon to see our submission process.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy skimming through our projects using this platform! We hope you find something new about yourself through these furtherings.

- Jesús López Vargas, Artistic Director
MOON Collective, 2021


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